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Bichirs are fascinating fish that come in a variety of color morphs, as well as different body and fin types. In this blog post, we will explore the different color morphs of bichirs, as well as the shortbody and longfin variations.

What are color morphs?

Color morphs are variations in the coloration of a species. In the case of bichirs, there are several color morphs that have been selectively bred over the years. These color morphs can range from vibrant reds and oranges to more subdued browns and blacks.

Popular color morphs of bichirs

One of the most popular color morphs of bichirs is the albino morph. Albino bichirs lack the pigment melanin, which gives them a pale, almost white appearance. Another popular color morph is the leucistic morph, which has a partial loss of pigmentation, resulting in a lighter coloration with some pigmented spots.

Other color morphs of bichirs include the melanistic morph, which has an excess of melanin, resulting in a darker coloration, and the piebald morph, which has patches of white or light coloration on a darker background.

Shortbody bichirs

Shortbody bichirs, as the name suggests, have a shorter body compared to their standard counterparts. This variation is the result of selective breeding and can give the fish a more compact and robust appearance. Shortbody bichirs are highly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts for their unique look.

Longfin bichirs


Longfin bichirs have longer and more flowing fins compared to the standard bichirs. This variation is also the result of selective breeding and can give the fish a more elegant and graceful appearance. The long, flowing fins of the longfin bichirs make them a stunning addition to any aquarium.

It's important to note that while color morphs, shortbody, and longfin variations can enhance the visual appeal of bichirs, they do not affect the fish's overall health or behavior. Proper care and maintenance are still essential to ensure the well-being of these unique fish.

In conclusion, bichirs come in a variety of color morphs, including albino, leucistic, melanistic, and piebald. Additionally, there are shortbody and longfin variations that add to the visual appeal of these fascinating fish. Whether you prefer a vibrant red albino bichir or a sleek longfin variation, there is a bichir color morph or variation to suit every aquarium enthusiast's taste.

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